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Texas Plumbers Will Soon Operate Without a License

Plumbers in Texas will no longer require a license to operate as plumbersBy September 1st, Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners will be abolished. What this means is that those who aspire to be plumbers in Texas, will no longer need to pass an exam or...

GPFS at Home in Long Beach

Top Fire Protection and Plumbing Supply opens 8th location Glendale Plumbing Fire Supply (GPFS), is already the top distributor of fire protection products and all types of plumbing supplies in California. With the opening of their newest plumbing supply...

What Are Riser Check Valves

You will need to take care of different components to ensure your fire sprinkler system continues to work. There are a variety of accessories needed to make the system work well. One of the most important of all is riser check valves. What Are Riser Check...

Avoiding the Dangers of Building Renovations: Things To Consider

How to Stay Safe While Fixing Up Your Fixer Upper It has been 3 years since the building explosion took place in Manhattan New York, injuring at least 19 people and leaving 2 more unaccounted for. Private contractors had been hired to complete plumbing and gas work in...