Top Fire Protection and Plumbing Supply opens 8th location

Glendale Plumbing Fire Supply (GPFS), is already the top distributor of fire protection products and all types of plumbing supplies in California. With the opening of their newest plumbing supply store location in Long Beach California-they’re one step closer to an even bigger dream-being #1 in the nation.

“We want to be the best and most reliable supplier in the nation,” Long Beach GPFS Manager Argo Sargsyan announced. Long Beach is the newest of eight locations-seven in California, and one in Texas. 

GPFS is doing it right. That’s why the company has experienced tremendous growth since opening the first location in 2004.  Such growth speaks volumes. 

GPFS-Long-Beach-Inside-the-store (1)

Dedicated Staff: GPFS Long Beach Manager Argo Sargsyan ensures orders are perfect. Sargsyan is always willing to help customers near and far. Ordering online at is quick and convenient.

Contractors, wholesalers and homeowners know they can rely on GPFS for superior service and outstanding prices.

GPFS stays up to speed on the latest trends, technology and tools in the industry. Each year team members travel to conferences across the country. “We go to check-out new equipment, new materials, tools, industry news and standards. We make sure we’re on top of our game,” Argo said.

GPFS is proud to be on top of their game-earning a great reputation.

 “Our company has a long history of providing quality plumbing and fire protection supplies, such as fittings, fire sprinkler heads, pipe for all fire and plumbing contractors nationwide,” Online Marketing Manager Mike Gharakhani said.

Shop Fire Sprinkler Supplies At

GPFS is also a top supplier of plumbing and fire protection supplies nationwide thanks to convenient online services. The company ships product and custom fabricated pipe, plumbing and fire protection supplies across the US.

Their 80,000 square foot warehouse stocks standard and specialty items. If it’s not in the huge warehouse-they will get it. Online ordering is made easy. GPFS offers imported and domestic supplies from over 300 vendors.

A+ Customer Service: Customer service and online sales representative Aram Harutyunain gathers parts from the 80,000 square foot warehouse. GPFS stocks plumbing, fire protection supplies and components from over 300 vendors.

“We ship around the nation, big or small supplies. We make sure the product is shipped very carefully, safely and in pristine condition,” Customer service and online sales representative Aram Harutyunian  assured.

GPFS can supply customers with gigantic industrial, commercial and residential projects to smaller projects around the house. “Big companies, large contractors and our homeowner customers know they can count on us for our huge stock and competitive prices,” Argo said.

Argo and Aram said the entire staff takes their job very seriously.

“Fire protection saves lives,” Aram acknowledged. “The quality of our products is life and death.”

Argo and Aram are always happy to lend their in-depth knowledge and industry wisdom to customers.

“If customers have job plans, we can spot what’s missing, or recommend the safest and best products to pass inspection,” Argo said adding they can give advice on any project, plan or not. 

Custom fabricated pipe is a specialty. “We cut and weld the pipe, thread and grove 10’ to ½ inch pipe,” Argo said. Irrigation PVC and supplies, sprinkler systems, fire protection supplies, plumbing and custom fabricated pipes are available at GPFS.

HUGE STOCK: GPF Supply, with seven locations in California and one in Texas, is now open in Long Beach. The store is massive and well-organized. Contractors and homeowners know they can count on GPFS for their vast amount of supplies and great prices.

GPFS offers same day service in Long Beach. “We provide great prices-the best,” Argo said. Nationwide shipping is quick.

Argo describes himself as a go-getter and team player who loves helping customers find the right parts at the most competitive prices.

“Our customers love coming in just to visit us. We offer donuts,” he said. “We value relationships and work hard for customers trust. We make sure every customer is satisfied.”

Staff at the Long Beach location love being part of the community. “It’s a fantastic city, with great energy. We are part of the city itself.”

Aram agreed.

“We love it in Long Beach.  We love the people, culture, the whole community- every aspect of it.”

Visit one of the other 7 great GPFS locations in Glendale, Los Angeles, Sun Valley, Orange County, Montebello, San Diego, Long Beach and Texas.


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