There are different types of sprinklers that can be used to extinguish a fire. Knowing the difference could mean the difference between minimal damage and complete loss. That is why we have developed this guide to help you better understand the different types of sprinklers in the industry so that you can ensure that you have an updated system for your particular environmental condition and learn a little more about how these systems operate.

It can also ensure that you are not putting a lot of money into a fire sprinkler system that won’t meet the needs of your business and the various building code requirements.

So How does Modern fire sprinkler system work?

All fire sprinklers perform the same general function and work in the same way. The sprinkler heads feature a glass bulb that is filled with a liquid that is glycerin-based. When there is a fire below the sprinkler, the heat expands the liquid inside of the bulb and makes it bursts.

This allows the water to flow through the sprinkler, so it can work to extinguish the fire. Therefore, you just need to ensure that you have chosen the right type of sprinkler head to cover the area and minimize damage.

Fire Sprinkler head and how it works

Different Types Of Fire Sprinkler Heads

Pendent fire sprinkler heads are the most common type of sprinkler head that is used today. They are used in many different commercial applications, like hotels, factories, residences, and office buildings. This type of fire sprinkler head comes out from the ceiling, like a light fixture.

The water is deflected off of the various deflectors and then sprays out in a wide arch, which provides ideal coverage for putting out the fire.

Quality Fire Sprinkler Head

Sidewall fire sprinkler heads are utilized in smaller rooms or hallways. This allows the plumbing for the fire sprinkler system to run through the walls, instead of the ceiling. These systems are usually used in hotel rooms.

The unit protrudes from the wall and the deflector system design allows the water to spray in a half-circle or crescent shape.

Upright fire sprinkler heads are most used in commercial buildings that have duct work or beams that would block the ceiling. Those structures that lack drop ceilings or drywall, such as mechanical rooms or warehouses, would utilize these systems over the pendent style fire sprinkler heads.

These units stand upright and are usually mounted on pipes, so they would face towards the ceiling. The water is shot upward and hits a concave deflector and comes back down.

Concealed fire sprinkler heads work to provide the same type of fire protection, without the unsightly look of a traditional fire sprinkler head. These units work similar to pendent fire sprinkler heads but use a cover plate to conceal the unit.

The cover plate falls off of the unit when the temperature in the room reaches 20 degrees below the temperature that would set it off, so that the glass bulb is exposed, and the sprinkler will initiate.

When it comes to choosing the right fire sprinkler head for the various spaces within your home or commercial property, you want to be able to understand how each unit works independently. It will help you save money on redoing fire sprinkler systems and give you the knowledge you need to protect your home or business from a fire.

Talking to an expert in the industry is also a great way to protect yourself and ensure that the system that you have will pass the newest regulations and building codes.


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