Plumbers in Texas will no longer require a license to operate as plumbers

By September 1st, Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners will be abolished. What this means is that those who aspire to be plumbers in Texas, will no longer need to pass an exam or test to acquire their license to operate, nor even follow any regulations.

The reason why this is happening is that state lawmakers had left without continuing on with the board through something called the “sunset process,” which is a legislative review conducted after every 10 years and have the process of state agencies reform.

According to The Texas Tribune, when the review was being conducted, the lawmakers couldn’t agree on a bill that would have allowed the agency to continue functioning. Later, Senate Bill 621 had sought to have the agency’s roles and responsibilities reassigned to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, a bigger agency that also oversaw various professions.

This surfaced after the Sunset Advisory Commission reviewed that a person could become a licensed plumber in about eight months. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, however, estimated that under its guidance, the waiting time could be lowered to about eight weeks.

The Sunset Commission reports that Texas needs more plumbers because of the growing population. And Glendale Plumbing & Fire Supply is ready to provide premium-grade plumbing equipment like valves, fitting and fire-protection supply.

The lawmakers couldn’t reach a consensus about the supposed transfer of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The bill’s amendment had sought to have the move delayed until 2021. But this was removed after a conference committee came in to reconcile the differences.

Once there was no other agreement to be reached, the bill was first voted down by 88-57, and then again by 78-68 after State Rep.

Chris Paddie, who is the vice chairman of the Sunset Advisory Committee, had urged lawmakers to reconsider, said that voting down not only doomed the agency, but also the plumbing code that regulates industry standards.

Paddie told Tribune, “Congratulations to us all because our plumbing shortage is solved because we can all become plumbers.”

Wakefield told Tribune, “We’re going to put the safety of the homeowners and the public of Texas in jeopardy. Plumbers install medical gas, they install the potable drinking water that we have every day. If they’re not doing it right, people’s safety is at risk.”

Central Texas Plumbing Solutions’ John Crawson, told KWTX, “It makes it worse for us, for somebody that’s put in years of schooling and on the job training, for that to not mean anything anymore. It’s just a big deal to us.”

“As plumbers, we look at ourselves to protect the health and the welfare of the nation. I mean, getting the sewage away from your house, getting water and gas into your house without any incidents or bodily harm or damage, it’s a big deal to us.”

Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott has urged lawmakers into backing a special kind of legislative session to correct the situation. He later said in a tweet that he has no plans to bring legislators back until the next regular session in 2021.

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