You will need to take care of different components to ensure your fire sprinkler system continues to work. There are a variety of accessories needed to make the system work well. One of the most important of all is riser check valves.

What Are Riser Check Valves?

Riser check valves are used to control the flow of water. These rugged and compact swing-type units ensure the water flows in the required direction and not in the opposite direction. Without such control, there will not only be a loss of water but the water may not also reach the destination resulting in losses. There are a number of companies making riser check valves.

While they all do the same job, they are made of different materials and are available in a variety of sizes. Most riser check valves are made with a stainless steel clapper assembly and ductile iron body. The most popular sizes are between 60.3 – 219.1mm.

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What Do Riser Check Valves Do?

Riser check valves are important to ensure the fire sprinkler system ( fire service systems) works well. There may be no proper flow of water without these valves. An elastomer seal on the clapper ensures seal to remove the risk of leaks and ensures a non sticky operation. The purpose of these valves is also to minimize water hammer (knocking noise that’s heard in the water pipe when you briskly turn off the tap) due to low reversal.

How Do Riser Check Valves Work?

A fire sprinkler system would not be of much use if it does not have immediate access to water. Most systems use combinations of fire department connections, gravity tanks, and municipal water supplies to provide the required water.

These combinations may sound great on paper but the presence of multiple water sources can lead to problems including water contamination. Check valves ensure there is no unwanted flow of water.

Most riser check valves contain a hinged clapper with a spring to ensure the water does not flow until someone opens the flow.

When To Use Riser Check Valves?

Check valves make it easy to decide which water source to use, thus reducing the risk of contamination. The check valve connected to the source that offers the highest pressure at the given moment is activated. Hence, they may be perfect for situations when you have multiple water sources.

What Are The Benefits of Riser Check Valves?

Technically speaking, the main benefit of using riser check valves is more safety, fewer problems. You will find four main types of check valves, each offering its own benefits:

  • Alarm Check Valve: It consists of three main components: a spring, alarm port, and valve clapper. The alarm port is used to direct water and the switch is used to send signals to the authorities or an alert to a nearby personnel.
  • Swing Check Valve: It can double as an alarm check valve for wet-pipe fire sprinkler systems if it has the ability to sound an alarm.
  • Grooved Check Valve: It’s suitable for systems with grooved connecting pipe ends. They may be used vertically or horizontally, hence they have various uses.
  • Grooved Shotgun Riser Check Valve: It’s same as the grooved check valve but comes with pressure gauges to keep an eye on the pressure.

Generally used to control the flow of water, check valves may also be used for semisolids and gases. They require little maintenance but offer great benefits. Get in touch with us today to know more.

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