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We believe you can but do you believe you can? If the answer is, yes then we’re welcoming you to Write For Us. We’re open to hear about everything that adds value to the plumbing and Fire safety industry. Are you ready to challenge our readers by publishing your thoughts by publishing through us?

Again, if it is a yes then you can Write For Us in the following Niches:


List of Niches

  • Anything Relevant to the Plumbing Industry or Product.
  • Also, anything related to the Fire Safety Industry.
  • Home Improvement Hacks And DIY Projects.

Guidelines to Follow

At the very beginning pitch your idea (Title, topic etc.) with a short and simple BIO by directly writing to us.

Before pitching your very fast article to us. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts:

1.We only accept unique and quality articles. Easy to read, simple English using shorter sentences and paragraphs. Also include proper title, headings, and punctuation etc. The article should include a summary.

2. Make sure there is no plagiarism, grammatical or spelling mistakes has been made.

3. Don’t include any links and submit the copy in a plain text file (docx). Instead, submit the links and relevant images(jpeg or png) separately directly to us. Also, don’t forget to mention the purpose of contacting us in the Subject of Email.

4. Remember, voiding Google prohibited policies is a subject of rejection.

Why To Write

For Us?

First, Exposure as an Author.

Second, sharing traffic using Back links, (Though terms & conditions need to be meet).

Third, you can use published links to decorate your portfolio

Open to hear from valuable Clients Too

We always believe in the improvement of service by accepting our deficits. Here we would like to invite our clients to share their experience with us. So, share your thought, advice, and level of satisfaction with us after using our products. We are open to both positive and negative feedback regarding the products and services. As we’re committed to provide the best services and products to our clients around the United States. So, your comments are valuable for us for the betterment of the service and industry.

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Note: We’re requesting you have some patience to review. We’ll contact you directly if we like your idea or pitch. Multiple queries may lead to rejection of the made request.   

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